Calendar - Past events - 2014


CLIC Workshop 2014
3-7 February 2014

Workshop on Top physics at the LC
LPNHE, Paris
5-6 March 2014

CALICE collaboration meeting
Argonne, Chicago, IL
19-21 March 2014

Americas Workshop on Linear Colliders (AWLC14)
12-16 May 2014

Technology and Instrumentation in Particle Physics 2014 (TIPP 2014)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
2-6 June 2014

5th International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC'14)
Dresden, Germany
15-20 June 2014

37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP 2014)
Valencia, Spain
2-9 July 2014

ICFA Workshop on High Order Modes in Superconducting Cavities
14-16 July 2014

16th Advanced Accelerator Concepts Workshop (AAC 2014)
San Jose, CA, USA
13-18 July 2014

Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC 2014)
Charlotte, NC, USA
10-15 August 2014

Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan
27-29 August 2014

27th Linear Accelerator Conference (LINAC14)
Geneva, Switzerland
1-5 September 2014

SiD Workshop
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
2-3 September 2014

MDI-CFS Meeting on ILC Interaction Region Issues
Otemachi, Ichinoseki, Iwate, Japan
4-6 September 2014

ILD meeting 2014
Oshy City, Iwate, Japan
6-9 September 2014

3rd International Beam Instrumentation Conference (IBIC 2014)
Monterey, California, USA - hosted by SLAC
14-18 September 2014

International Workshop on Future Linear Colliders 2014 (LCWS14)
Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia
6-10 October 2014

25th FCAL Workshop
Satellite meeting of LCWS14
Vinca Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia
12-13 October 2014

The 11th ICFA Seminar on Future Perspectives in High-Energy Physics 2014
IHEP, Beijing, China
27-30 October 2014

8th Annual Helmholtz Alliance Workshop on "Physics at the Terascale"
DESY, Hamburg, Germany
1-3 December 2014



Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS)
Archamps, France
6 January - 14 March 2014

The 2014 European School of High-Energy Physics
Garderen, the Netherlands
18 June - 1 July 2014

The Second Asia-Europe-Pacific School of High-Energy Physics
Puri, India
4-17 November 2014

Joint International Accelerator School: Beam Loss and Accelerator Protection
Newport Beach, California, USA
5-14 November 2014


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