About Your Communicators

Karsten's Spot
Karsten Buesser

I was born on 11 May 1970 and studied physics in Hamburg, receiving my PhD in 1999. I am a member of the DESY staff and devoted to the ILC project in several of its facets. I am working mainly on Machine Detector Interface, acting as a contact person between the ILC machine working groups and the LDC detector study. Also, I am the scientific assistant of the ILC@DESY project group as well as the scientific secretary for the EUROTeV project. And last but not least, I am a European ILC communicator, working in close relation with the DESY press office on all ILC related outreach questions.

I am married, and we have a 17 months old son.
The photo above shows the river Elbe near DESY.  It is my favorite place in Hamburg.

Elizabeth Clements

I started working in Fermilab’s Office of Public Affairs in 2002. For the past two years, I was the editor for Fermilab Today, a daily online publication for employees and users. I am very excited to take on the new role as Communications Director for the ILC Americas.

I was the second “DZero wife” to join Fermilab’s Office of Public Affairs. My husband and I met at Brown University, right before my sophomore year. He studied physics, and I studied English literature. On our first date I taught him about Shakespeare and Jane Austen, and he taught me about black holes and the cosmos.

Shortly after moving to Chicago, Mike and I adopted Cinder, a six-year old boxer mix who loves chasing balls and playing tug.

Youhei's Bad Ride
Youhei Morita

I became a full-time communicator at KEK public relations office in the summer of 2003 when InterAction launched its website at Lepton Photon 2003 at Fermilab. Before I used to work for CDF, then for ATLAS and I enjoyed the excitement of international collaborations.

I've been one of the webmaster of KEK since I first met Tim Berners-Lee in 1992. It is my pleasure to work as a communicator for ILC GDE in Asia.

While I was a student I used to travel across the country on a motorcycle. Now looks like it's about time to go around the world in airplanes.

Perrine Royole-Degieux

I have just obtained my PhD in Particle Physics at
Lyon-I University. I was working on Neutrinos. It was such an exciting field to work on.

Now I am one of your GDE Communicators for Europe, and I’m also working on LHC Communications for IN2P3 in parallel.

I spent all my childhood in the very beautiful town of Lyon,France, classified in the world patrimony by Unesco. Enjoy the photo taken from the hill of Fourviere!