ILC Global Design Effort (GDE)

An international team headed by Barry Barish leads the Global Design Effort for the proposed International Linear Collider ILC. Planning, designing and funding the ambitious electron-positron collider project will require global participation and global organisation. The GDE team sets the strategy and priorities for the work of hundreds of scientists and engineers at universities and laboratories around the world. Their goal: produce an ILC Technical Design Report by the end of 2012 which will be used to decide the future of the project, including where it would be located. In 2013, the International Linear Collider and the Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) merge to form one Linear Collider Collaboration, headed by former LHC project leader Lyn Evans.


The mission of the GDE is to produce a design for the ILC that includes a detailed concept for the particle accelerator, performance assessments, reliable international costing, an industrialisation plan, siting analysis and governance proposal. The organisation coordinates worldwide R&D efforts according to well-defined priorities to demonstrate and improve the performance of the ILC machine components, reduce the costs and attain the required reliability.

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These more technical pages are the main source of information for the members of the Global Design Effort. They include contact information, project reports, updates and much more.

Organisation Organisation chart for the GDE
Contacts and photos Browse the GDE members directory
Meetings A list of upcoming ILC meetings
Director's Corner Articles from the GDE Director, Barry Barish
Director's updates Latest updates from the GDE Director, including EC public meeting minutes
Project Managers A web page collecting info about the ILC-GDE Project Management
LC Accelerator school International Accelerator Schools for Linear Colliders
Technical Design Documentation Documentation relevant to the Technical Design
Selected talks List of ILC selected talks

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