ILC Global Design Effort

Authoring the Baseline Configuration Document (BCD)

Overall BCD Structure
The ILC BCD will consist of 11 main sections (nodes):

  • General Parameters
  • Electron Source
  • Positron Source
  • Damping ring
  • Ring to Main Linac
  • Main Linac
  • Beam Delivery
  • Cost Engineering
  • Conventional Facilities and Siting
  • Operations and reliability
  • Instrumentation and Controls

Additionally, there will be two central repositories for associated documents from all nodes:

  • Lattice Files
  • Detailed Parameters

Graphic representing overall BCD structure
PDF of BCD Structure
BCD Outline (MS Word)

Authoring a node
Authors will be assigned to develop all documentation needed for each node.  Each node will include:
  • Overview - single, short summary, including:
    • Description of boundary conditions
    • Options under consideration
    • Summary justification of BC
  • Baseline
    • Description
    • Lattice Files
    • Parameter Tables
    • Supporting Documentation
    • Cost Estimation
  • Alternatives

Graphic representing node structure
PDF of node structure
Sample Web-based node documentation (Electron Source)
Sample Web-based node documentation  (Main Linac)

Some important points / guidelines:

1. Generally we expect the information to be supplied in the form of pdf, ps, doc or excel files which will be uploaded and linked at the relevant places.

2. The information should be terse and to the point. We want to document the baseline decision in a minimal way consistent with a complete definition of the layout. Tables of parameters, sketches, drawings are preferred over verbose text.

3. The depth of the 'Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)' depends very much on how much information you think each WG can supply. See the main-linac example above of a system that may go quite deep.

4. You only need to supply the information you have. We do not expect the editors to completely re-do all the work that was done during and after Snowmass. We expect that most of the required information can be taken directly from the existing write-ups and reports.

5. For each sub-system node in the BCD there is a section referred to as 'Supporting Documentation'. Here all existing reports, or more detailed reports can be uploaded/linked.

6. Alternative sections: for each node there is a link for a report documenting the alternative solutions. There should be one report for each alternative under consideration. Again we are asking for the information already available in the write-ups, cut and pasted into a stand-alone document.

7. Global Groups: there are top-level nodes also for the global groups as well as for the machine sub-systems. These are foreseen as place-holders for the respective summary reports. To start with these will just have an 'open structure' where the Global Group summary reports and any additional relevant reports can be uploaded/linked.

8. A roughly 100-page printable summary of the BCD outlining the principal features of the machine (together with the justifications) will also be produced from the information in the electronic BCD. This document will be produced by a smaller group of editors in parallel to the electronic BCD as the information becomes available.

Overall BCD Structure


BCD Outline (MS Word)

Node Structure


Sample node (Electron Source)
Sample node (Main Linac)