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Accelerator Global Group 3 - Operations and Availability
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Updated 12 September 2005

Accelerator GG3 workspace from Snowmass


- Reliability of the large number of components is an issue
- undulator positron source with sufficiently intense keep-alive beam yields comparable availability to conventional source
- availability increases from 64% to 78% when going from 1 to 2 tunnels with all other parameters (e.g. MTBFs) unchanged

- phased commissioning (during construction) is important
- damping rings need particular time and should be early available
- an electron source is mandatory for the damping ring commissioning. (DR polarity should be switchable in a (few) shift(s))

- The design of the Machine Protection System (MPS) has barely begun. It is likely to include:
- hardware monitoring of key components
- abort dumps at end of linac
- pilot bunch to diagnose sane orbit for the rest of the train

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44 - Electron source (pdf)
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