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Accelerator Global Group 5 - Cost & Engineering 
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Updated 10 September 2005

Accelerator GG5 workspace from Snowmass

Summary of recommendations:

1) Select a committee to recommend an Electronic Data Management System for ILC.  Implement this system ASAP.

2) Select a committee to recommend Cost and Schedule system for ILC. Implement this system ASAP.

3) Form a new working group (distinct from GG5 whose focus is cost & schedule) and charge is this group with establishing engineering standards for the ILC project.

4) Choose common engineering tools e.g. CAD system

  • Collect requirements for ILC Standard CAD systems
  • Use 3-D CAD modeling for all drawings including Civil
  • Establish drawing standards (including units and language)
  • Survey existing CAD software, including interoperability across regions
  • Recommend a standard ILC CAD system to GDE

5) Create a glossary of ILC terms & definitions and post it on the web.  This could expand with time to become the WBS dictionary.

6) GG5 should create a WBS dictionary for the ILC project.  Level 1,2,3 managers should be appointed by the GDE such that every major line in the WBS has a person associated with it who is responsible for the cost and schedule estimates for those tasks.

7) GG5 should continue to investigate the ITER Model for cost estimates. ILC should consider adopting it.  If so, the GDE must recommend and the ILC project must agree on the ILC unit of measuring cost. 

8) It was not obvious why industrial cost estimates cannot be used in an open ILC cost estimate.  We recommend all regions consider releasing these cost estimates for use by ILC.

9) As the RDR develops the ILC project should fund industrial cost studies to validate the industrial cost estimates in the project.

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