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Updated 20 September 2005

Accelerator WG1 workspace from Snowmass


This write-up is an attempt to summarise working group 1. I did not try to summarise all that was said but rather to think of how a document for the baseline configuration could be structured. I tried then to outline what we know in the different areas and which R&D remains. This is supposed to be something like a living document that is modified as we progress. In particular, in some parts names are assigned to certain R&D items. This is by no meas exclusive but only reflects that these person were present and had a chance to volunteer. Anyone who whants to join is warmly welcomed. The input of the working group to the questions on Tom Himmels list is given on the slides in reference[3] a summary of the first week in[4]. The workplan as discussed can be found in [5].

The beam dynamics working group has to make sure that the luminosity target can be met in spite of the adverse effects in the beam transport from the damping ring to the interaction point and further to the beam dump. This implies three main tasks. First, the working group has to provide the lattices of the beam lines from the damping ring to the beam delivery system; the beam delivery system will be designed by working group 4. Second, it needs to study the performance of the whole low emittance transport system in order to predict the luminosity performance and to be able to specify instrumentation requirements and tolerances. Finally, it needs to validate the codes and methods used in the studies by benchmarking. It seems unlikely that all the tasks can be fulfilled before the end of the year. The emphasis will thus be put on the lattice design; later findings may lead to improved versions of these.
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