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Accelerator WG2 - Linac Design
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Updated 29 September 2005

Summary of WG2 (Linac Design) at Snowmass
Conveners: Chris Adolphsen, Terry Garvey and Hitoshi Hayano

The WG2 sessions at Snowmass included (1) a series of talks updating the R&D status of the linac systems, (2) short presentations by experts giving recommendations for the baseline and alternative linac system designs and (3) talks reviewing progress and plans at the major SRF test facilities and discussions of possible collaborations among Cornell, JLab, FNAL, SLAC, DESY, Orsay and KEK. All but the last series of talks were scheduled during the first week. 

The agenda, which included joint sessions with WG1 and WG5, can be found at, and has links to the talks.

There were also plenary presentations of recommendations on about 40 machine topics during the second week, about of half of which were linac related - see In many cases, second iterations of the recommendations made during the first week were presented.

Full summary with recommendations (MS Word)

Accelerator WG2 workspace from Snowmass

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Notes from decisions meeting (MS Word)

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