GDE Meeting - ILC Conventional Facilities and Siting Workshop


3-7 June 2008
JINR, Institute for Nuclear Research
Dubna, Russia


The GDE Meeting - ILC Conventional Facilities and Siting Workshop will be hosted at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia.

  • The sessions will start on Wednesday, June 4, and end on Friday, June 6, 2008.
  • The meeting program will include plenary and parallel sessions. Please refer to the program pages for detailed information.
  • Social Program for participants and accompanying persons will be arranged during the meeting. Internet access will be available in the hotel and all meeting rooms.
  • Please refer to the registration page for on-line registration, applying for a visa and getting information of the registration fee and details of advance payment.
The deadline for the registration and visa application is April 15, 2008

The June GDE meeting (Workshop) will be held at JINR, Dubna, 4-7th June 2008 (we expect the welcoming reception to be on the evening of June 3 and a possible site tour on June 7). Unlike previous GDE meetings (e.g. the Tohoku University meeting in March 2008), the JINR meeting will not be in held in parallel with an ILC Physics and Detector workshop. The meeting will span three complete days, with the first morning session and last afternoon session as plenary sessions, leaving two-half and one full-day available for parallel group activities.

As the workshop title suggests, the meeting will focus on Conventional Facilities and Siting (CFS), which has been identified as a primary cost driver. Four themes have been identified for the parallel session discussions, which aim to understand the potential cost impact of CFS solutions both for the current ILC Reference Design and alternative scenarios. Specifically the goals of the workshop are to

  • examine the CFS requirements for ILC reference design;
  • develop models for cost scaling to various alternative sites and CFS configurations, in particular shallow sites and single-tunnel options;
  • examine the conventional facilities of the machines with particular attention to the cost drivers (process cooling water etc.), and understand the impact on them with respect to the choice of site configuration;
  • evaluate possible alternative layouts of the accelerator (including the support infrastructure), which may lead to cost reduction (specifically via interaction with the CFS requirements), and to understand the performance/cost trade-offs of these alternatives.

The workshop will also include discussions of CFS issues for CLIC in an attempt to identify common cost-effective solutions for both machines.

The JINR workshop differs significantly in scope from the Tohoku workshop, in which R&D planning and MDI issues (in conjunction with the detector groups) were a central theme. The JINR meeting will complement the Tohoku workshop by focusing more on engineering-orientated design issues of the collider itself, with a strong emphasis on cost containment and reduction (following on naturally from the discussions on possible Cost Reduction Studies at the Tohoku meeting). Cost containment/reduction of the cryomodule and other Main Linac technology components will not part of this meeting.

Focus Groups (Working Groups)


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Program committee

  • Barry Barish
  • Mike Harrison
  • Brian Foster
  • Mitsuaki Nozaki
  • Ewan Paterson
  • Marc Ross
  • Grigori Shirkov
  • Alexey Syssakian
  • Nicholas Walker
  • Akira Yamamoto
  • Kaoru Yokoya

Local organising committee

  • Alexey Syssakian
  • Grigori Shirkov
  • Grigory Trubnikov
  • Yulian Budagov
  • Sergey Kakurin
  • Elena Kuznetsova
  • Igor Meshkov
  • Yulia Polyakova
  • Evgenia Shirkova
  • Nadezhda Tokareva

Workshop office

  • Yulia Polyakova – secretary of the meeting (visa application, transportation and accommodation)
    e-mail: polyakova @
  • Nadezhda Tokareva – administrative manager
    e-mail: tokarevan @