2005 Snowmass Workshops

Snowmass pines and cavitiesAugust 14-17, 2005

Live from Snowmass!
Couldn't make it to the workshops?  No problem!  "Live from Snowmass" features highlights, talks and photos from the workshops.

26 August

GDE Summary Talk

26 August Talks

Plenary session

  • Accelerator Baseline Document (Nick Walker) (ppt)
  • (IPBI/MDI )  IP Beam Instrumentation/ Interaction Regions, Backgrounds (Eric Torrence) (pdf)

Concept and Outreach Summary talks 

  • (GLD) GLD Concept Study (Y. Sugimoto) 25' + 5' (ppt)
  • (LDC ) Large Gaseous Tracking Concept Study (Henri Videau) (pdf)
  • (SID ) Silicon Detector Concept Design Study (Harry Weerts) (ppt)
  • A Fourth Detector Concept (John Hauptman) (ppt)
  • Education and Outreach (Marjorie Bardeen and Randy Ruchti) (ppt)

 Detector Summary talks

  • R&D Panel for Detectors (Chris Damerell) (ppt)
  • Detector Costs (Marty Breidenbach) (ppt)
  • (VTX ) Vertex Detector (Marco Battaglia) (pdf)
  • (TRK ) Tracking (Paul Colas) (ppt)

Detectors Summary Talks on the Roof Deck

  • (CAL ) Calorimetry (Andy White) (ppt)
  • (MUON/PID ) Muon Detection / Particle I.D. (Tohru Takeshita) (pdf)
  • (PFA ) Particle Flow Algorithms (Alexei Raspereza) (pdf)
  • Test Beams (Kiyotomo Kawagoe) (ppt)

27 August Talks

Physics Working Groups

Physics Summary Talks

  • SUSY (Seong Youl Choi and Alexei Safonov) (ppt)
  • (DSIM) Detector and Physics Simulations 15’ + 5’ (Tony Johnson) (ppt)
  • Closeout talk (Jim Brau) (ppt)