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Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Machine Detector Interface Panel - 18 August 2005

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The Machine Detector Interface Panel is addressing the interaction region, where the accelerator and the detectors are intimately related. For example, the major solenoid magnet in a detector also exerts a magnetic field on particle beams as they approach the collision point, requiring additional compensating magnets to keep the beam properly focused. But these corrections can amplify deleterious background noise in the detector, requiring back and forth iterations to come up with workable solutions.

The panel (in concert with the detector concept groups and various accelerator and detector working groups) is going through such iterations by discussing and refining answers to a set of questions posed by the World Wide Study to make interaction region design recommendations to the GDE.

"MDI is a very exciting activity because it's multidisciplinary," said MDI Panel co-convener Philip Bambade of LAL Orsay. "It spans a large number of topics and requires flexibility: you have to move from one area to another."

MDI panel agenda with slides