Live from Snowmass!

Out of the dark
SiD Working Group Hike - 20 August 2005

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SiD working group hike SiD working group hike

Notes from Harry Weerts:
"Here are a few pictures from the "SiD" hike we took last Saturday morning. "SiD" is one of the detector concept design studies (the others are LDC and GLD). We invited all people who had expressed an interest for the SiD study to join us. We met at 7:45am in parking lot 12 along Snowmelt road and drove in several cars up to Maroon Bells.

From there we hiked up to Crater Lake in about 1 hour 15 minutes and continued for about another 30 minutes beyond Crater Lake. We had some lunch and then half of the group returned to the parking lot and came back to Snowmass for a 1:00pm meeting on detector R&D. The other group (right) continued hiking up to the snow line (middle picture) and returned to Snowmass around 4:00pm.

The group photo (left) was shot at Crater Lake by me ( so I am not in the picture). On our way we met many of our colleagues coming up to Crater Lake. The hike was an interesting mix of physics conversation and simply getting to know each other better at a personal level. As you can see the Repond family made it all the way up Crater Lake and their very young son walked all the way. It was great to be outside for a few hours after spending many hours in "dark" rooms for the last week.

The picture on the right is the group that continued hiking until 4:00pm."