The ILC cavity 2010 archive

As this year draws to a close, the global ILC project can look back on a year of progress. One of the most visible and important ILC R&D short-term milestones was achieved globally: the production of cavities with a gradient greater than or equal to 35 megavolts per metre and the required quality factor at a 50 percent production yield. That means: half of all cavities produced around the world could be used to run the ILC. Next stop: a 90 percent yield, to be reached in 2012.

Dive into one year of milestones all round the globe in R&D for the ILC cavities.

2010 archive 


Jefferson Lab's rules for achieving spotless cavities
18 November 2010
-- Leah Hesla


Cavity gradient milestone achieved
4 November 2010
-- Barry Barish


"Set it and forget it!"
28 October 2010
-- Leah Hesla and Rika Takahashi


From DESY: European XFEL accelerator components go into production
16 September 2010


China reaching the target gradient
9 September 2010
-- Jiankui Hao, Peking University


Important progress on IHEP superconducting cavity
22 July 2010
-- Min Zhang


The ILC, a very special market for high purity niobium
1 July 2010
-- Rika Takahashi


Exchanging opinions about the ILC — First PAC conference
27 May 2010
-- Rika Takahashi


Superconducting cavities could help reducing nuclear waste radio-toxicity
22 April 2010
-- Perrine Royole-Degieux


From Fermilab Today: AD & TD collaborate on first cryomodule for new facility
22 April 2010
-- Andrea Mustain


Progress report for the European ILC-HiGrade project
4 March 2010
-- Perrine Royole-Degieux


S1 global update: tuner assembly successfully done at KEK
25 February 2010
-- Rika Takahashi


Successful beginning of S1 global at KEK
28 January 2010
-- Rika Takahashi


S1 global started moving
28 January 2010
-- Kaoru Yokoya



Further reading


One sheet to plot them all
DESY database becomes standard tool for cavity research
29 October 2009
-- Barbara Warmbein


Global effort for high-gradient ILC SCRF cavities
30 July 2009
-- Akira Yamamoto


Looking Inside
21 February 2008
-- Rika Takahashi