International collaborations and projects

Planning, designing and funding the proposed International Linear Collider (ILC), a 31-kilometre-long electron-positron collider, will require both global participation and organisation. Nearly 300 laboratories and universities around the world are involved in the ILC: more than 700 people are working on the accelerator design and another 900 people on detector development. The accelerator design work is coordinated by the Global Design Effort, and the physics and detector work by the Research Directorate. Read further details below about ILC-related international collaborations and projects.

Physics and detector studies

There are a number of international groups that work on prototypes and R&D for future ILC detectors. Here are a few examples with links to their web sites:

Detector concept studies

The ILC will have two detectors that take turns to record collisions from the interaction region. They are called SiD and ILD.

R&D collaborations on accelerator and machine topics

Accelerator experts around the world work on different technologies, improved methods and challenging issues to make the ILC a reality. Here are a few examples and links:

R&D Collaborations and Projects on Detector Topics

Test Facilities

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