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The first ILC research director was appointed by the International Linear Collider Steering Committee in October, 2007. The research directorate is responsible for the development of the experimental program of the ILC. In particular, this includes, as specified by the charge drafted by the ILCSC:

  1. devising the procedures that will result in two contrasting and complementary detector designs proposed by groups that are capable of completing detector engineering design reports (EDRs),
  2. helping to secure the resources which are required by interacting with lab directors, funding agencies, and universities,
  3. endorsing major technical decisions by the collaborations,
  4. guiding the global detector R&D activities, as long as such management is required,
  5. promoting the ILC project together with ILCSC and GDE.

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An area for particle physicists (and interested outsiders) to work on the physics goals of the ILC and the design of the future ILC detectors.

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Research Directorate

  • Sakue YamadaSakue Yamada
    Research Director
    Research Director's report
  • Jim Brau Jim Brau
    Regional contact
  • Hitoshi YamamotoHitoshi Yamamoto
    Regional contact
  • Juan Fuster Juan Fuster
    Regional contact

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