Detector Common Task Working Groups

Initial activities

  • Machine Detector Interface

    Works with accelerator beam delivery system group of the GDE on issues of the machine detector interface.

  • Engineering Tools

    Speficies engineering tools, common with tools of the GDE where appropriate, for designing detectors.

  • Detector R&D

    Coordinates cooperation of detector R&D, responds to requests from IDAG on detector R&D, maintains contact with detector R&D collaborations, overview R&D efforts, and organises review when needed.

    ILC Detector R&D: Its Impact, September 2011
    This brief report draws attention to the significant positive impact the ILC detector R&D has had on the field of particle physics and beyond and points to the value of sustained support for basic research and development for instrumentation.
  • Software

    Prepares common software tools and data sets.
    See the Wiki page

  • Physics

    Studies likely physics scenarios in view of the results of LHC. May provide material for possible considerations for the initial energy or staging of ILC made by ILCSC's new parameter group or equivalent.

  • Common Task Working Group members