International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG)

The International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG) monitors the ILC detector research and development of the Research Directorate and the detector design groups, and advises the Research Director. The IDAG reviewed the Letters of Intent submitted by detector design groups during 2009, and recommended groups for validation. It now monitors the progress of the validated groups. The IDAG membership includes experienced experimentalists, active phenomenology theorists and ILC accelerator experts.

IDAG mandate (pdf)

IDAG Report on the Validation of Letters of Intent for ILC detectors
August 2009

Letter of Intent guidelines (pdf) and Benchmark Reaction specifications (pdf).

IDAG Report:Beijing meetings (March, 2010)


List of members

Experiment & Detector
Michael DanilovITEP
Michel Davier (Chair)Orsay
Paul GrannisStony Brook
Dan GreenFNAL
Dean KarlenVictoria
Sun-Kee KimSNU
Tomio KobayashiTokyo
Weiguo LiIHEP
Richard NickersonOxford
Sandro PalestiniCERN

Christophe GrojeanCERN & CEA-Saclay
Rohini GodboleIIS
JoAnne HewettSLAC

Thomas HimelSLAC
Nobukazu TogeKEK
Eckhard ElsenDESY