2009 Research Director's report archive

17 December 2009 - Detector activities in the new stage The physics and detector activity for the ILC entered into a new stage after the validation of the Letters of Intent (LOIs) and following discussions during the American Linear Collider Physics Group (ALCPG) workshop in Albuquerque, US. Close to the turn of the year, I wish to survey what has been going on since then. -- By Sakue Yamada
19 November 2009 - Preparing future detector R&D at testbeams Testbeams are the first occasion for detector concepts to face the truth about their design, and an optimal opportunity to train young physicist on real data. Recently, 40 experts met at Orsay to review the needs for testbeams for the R&D on detectors in the future. -- By Francois Richard
22 October 2009 - Linear collider detector development I have just attended the CLIC09 workshop at CERN.... A large fraction of work done on physics and detectors is common to both CLIC and ILC, and ILC detectors are already benefitting from CERN expertise in detector integration and push-pull design. --By Hitoshi Yamamoto
17 September 2009 - Validation made of the Letters of Intent (...) The conclusion is that the International Large Detector concept (ILD) and the Silicon Detector Design Study concept (SiD) are recommended for validation as complementary detectors to go on with detailed design and that the dual-readout calorimeter technology is encouraged to be further developed. -- By Sakue Yamada
20 August 2009 - Planning for the next steps (...) It is time for us to prepare for the next step, namely to consider what the validated detector groups need to accomplish through the following period, till 2012. -- By Sakue Yamada
16 July 2009 - Spreading the excitement of discovery Why is the down quark's charge precisely one-third that of the electron -- By Jim Brau
18 June 2009 - Detector activities reviewed by the PAC On 9 and 10 May, the second review meeting of the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of the ILC was held in Vancouver. --By Sakue Yamada
21 May 2009 - CLIC-ILC collaborations on detectors The recent meeting TILC09 in Tsukuba, with a large participation of CERN experts, was a good opportunity to measure the growing collaboration between the Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) and the ILC. -- By Francois Richard
16 April 2009 - Letters of Intent were submitted The three ILC detector concept groups, ILD, SiD and 4th, submitted their Letters of Intent (LOIs) by the due date, 31 March. -- By Sakue Yamada
19 March 2009 - Physics and detectors at TILC09 There will be a joint ACFA Physics and Detector Workshop and GDE Meeting 17 to 21 April. (...) In this note, let us focus on the physics and detector part of the workshop... -- By Hitoshi Yamamoto
19 February 2009 - What's going on in the Physics and Experiment Board meeting Since the LCWS08 meeting in Chicago, the management mechanism for the ILC detector activities is working in its full shape. The most important body for communication and decision making is the Physics and Experiment Board (PEB). It is composed of the representatives of the Letter of Intent (LOI) groups, the conveners of the common task groups and the Executive Board members. --By Sakue Yamada
22 January 2009 - Cautious optimism for US-university detector R&D funding Several recent positive developments are moving us forward on the path towards realising the ILC. These include excellent detector R&D results and significant progress on the Letters of Intent (LOI) for the various detector concepts. -- By Jim Brau

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