2010 Research Director's report archive

16 December 2010 - SiD moving forward The SiD (Silicon Detector) Collaboration met in a workshop at the University of Oregon in Eugene from 15-17 November to review progress, discuss plans, and further organise its effort for the Detailed Baseline Design (DBD) report due at the end of 2012. -- Jim Brau and Andy White for SiD
18 November 2010 - ILC and Super KEKB Even though additional funds are needed to complete the Super KEKB upgrade, th[e MEXT funding appropriation] signaled an essential go-ahead for the project, clearing the way for the ILC. -- Hitoshi Yamamoto
21 October 2010 - White paper on Comprehensive Project Design Guidance Recently the International Linear Collider Steering Committee (ILCSC) published a white paper on the Comprehensive Project Design Guidance (CPDG), which describes the direction of the activity to promote ILC in its post-technical design phase beyond 2012. -- Sakue Yamada
16 September 2010 - A linear collider workshop at CERN The linear collider community will meet at CERN from 18 October to 22 October. This workshop deals with all aspects of our future project – Physics, Detectors and Machine [...] -- By Francois Richard
19 August 2010 - What will happen after the DBD Right now, the two detector groups are striving to update their detector concepts towards the detailed baseline design (DBD) aimed to be completed in 2012. --By Sakue Yamada
15 July 2010 - Optimal ILC physics performance at acceptable cost and risk The [SB2009 Working Group] established quantitatively that the low-energy performance of SB2009 was a serious concern for optimal performance at lower energies, such as at and just above the threshold for Z-Higgs (210-350 GeV), an assumed key operating point for the measurement of Higgs properties. In response to these comments from the physics community, the GDE began investigations of concepts which could improve the low-energy luminosity. --Jim Brau
17 June 2010 - ILC Detectors - more news since last IDAG meeting We have gained several helpful inputs from the new system of the International Detector Advisory Group (IDAG) monitoring global detectors after the validation. -- By Sakue Yamada
20 May 2010 - AIDA trumpets AIDA is an acronym for the contract recently approved by European Union in favour of detector R&D for particle physics. It means Advanced European Infrastructures for Detectors at Accelerators. I suspect that this acronym, inspired by the famous opera from Verdi, can be viewed as reflecting the large number of participants involved in this ambitious Opera(tion). -- Francois Richard
15 April 2010 - New moves for the physics and detector activity A joint international linear collider workshop, LCWS10 and ILC10, held in Beijing last month initiated various new moves for the physics and detector activity of ILC. -- By Sakue Yamada
18 March 2010 - Uniting machine and detectors A joint international linear collider workshop, LCWS10 and ILC10, will be held in Beijing from 26 to 30 March. LCWS10 is organised by the World Wide Study of the Physics and Detectors for future linear e+ e- colliders (WWS) representing the physics and detector efforts, while ILC10 is organised by the Global Design Effort (GDE) covering the accelerator efforts. -- Hitoshi Yamamoto
18 February 2010 - Detector groups work out their work plans In my report of last December, I wrote about detector activities in the new phase after validation. One of them was the effort of the two detector groups, ILD and SiD, to make the work plans towards their detailed baseline design aimed to be ready in 2012. -- Sakue Yamada
21 January 2010 - Optimising the value of the ILC [...] Sakue has created a working group of people who are able to simulate the effect of SB2009 parameters on physics performance. Some changes are expected to have little effect on the physics performance of the ILC, while other changes potentially may have important negative implications, challenging the fulfillment of the Parameters and performance. -- Jim Brau

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