International Linear Collider Workshop 2008
LCWS08 and ILC08

November 16-20, 2008
University of Illinois at Chicago


Contributions should be posted directly on arXiv using the templates below.
Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2009.

The proceedings for the workshop will then be released on eConf and listed on the ILC Document Server.

Instructions for authors

  • The LaTeX and MSWord templates are available for download and include embedded instructions.
  • Page limits are
    • 1 page per 3 minutes of allotted time for plenary session talks
    • 1 page per 5 minutes of allotted time for parallel session talks
  • If you are using LaTeX, submit the provided class file (ilcws08.cls) to arXiv together with the tex source and figures.
  • If you are using MSWord, produce pdf output and submit the pdf file to arXiv.
  • Follow these instructions for submitting your paper to arXiv.
  • After successful submission to arXiv, send email to lcws08proceedings @ with the arXiv identifier assigned to your paper (eg. arXiv:0812.0026) in the subject.
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