The Technical Design Phase R&D Plan rel. 2 includes plans for the so-called 200-500 GeV centre-of-mass Minimum Machine studies. Specific milestones include a top-level specification for the minimum machine by the end of 2008, which will include a plan for related studies to be concluded in 2009, leading to a re-baseline of the machine design in early 2010 (end of TD Phase 1).

To begin discussions on the initial specifications and scope of the subsequent design studies, we have produced a memo called Towards a Minimum 500 GeV Machine Definition outlining the approach we intend to take, and some initial top-level (conceptual) ideas for reducing the cost of the ILC, primarily via further integration of the central injector systems and the Beam Delivery System.

The memo has been distributed to the GDE mailing list for comment. We invite the GDE to read it and comment using this web.log.

Nick Walker & Ewan Paterson.