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Cautious optimism for US-university detector R&D funding

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  • 11:19:57 am on January 22, 2009 | # | Comments Off
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    Jim Brau

    Several recent positive developments are moving us forward on the path towards realising the ILC. These include excellent detector R&D results and significant progress on the Letters of Intent (LOI) for the various detector concepts. These advances were reported at the recent Linear Collider Workshop at the University of Illinois in Chicago. While much of the R&D of the international ILC community has benefited from continuous support, in the US and in the UK we have struggled through a tough year. Now there is news that funding for university detector R&D in the US, which was cut severely last year, may be restored. This is good news because ILC detector R&D is far from finished, and continued and reliable support remains critical.

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    – Jim Brau

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