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PM Monthly Reports – November 2008

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    PM report for the November 2008

    With this issue of the Technical Design Phase Monthly Report, you will find summary
    notes for the Group’s monthly meetings (Main Linac Technology – SuperConducting RF,
    CFS and Global Systems; There was no monthly meeting for Accelerator Systems in
    November), and a report from the Cost and Schedule Group (Peter Garbincius). These
    meeting notes show progress made and plans for upcoming meetings and work.

    This monthly report complements the weekly ILC Newsline. Please see the ‘Director’s
    ’ for important planning and policy communication.
    Project Managers are now preparing for the AAP (Accelerator Advisory Panel) interim
    review of next April. Following the discussions during the LCWS08 in Chicago and
    taking into account the current status of the global ILC R&D and future plans, the R&D
    plan documents will be updated. Documents of the “Minimum Machine” concept and
    “Plug-Compatible” design for global cooperation will be exploited intensively during this
    Akira Yamamoto for Project Managers; Marc Ross and Nick Walker
    November 2008

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