Table of Contents

DAQ Use Cases (for discussion purposes)

Set 1 : Extracting and Correlating Data from a Known Time Range

Set 2 : Extracting and Correlating Data from a Set of Conditions

Set 3 : Examples of Useful Online Operational Tools

* Use Case 3-1: “When was the last time we had stable operation with > N bunches and for longer than M minutes? Pull out the DAQ data, but remove any pulses where the bunch train was terminated early

* Use Case 3-2: “The rf phase is jumping occasionally. When it jumps, what other machine parameters are jumping? When else in the past 12hrs did the phase jump, and did the same things jump then too?”

* Use Case 3-3: The machine isn't working now, but I think I have the same machine setup as yesterday when it was working just fine. What's different and when did it change? Have things drifted or did something jump? If it jumped, did someone change something?” [JC comment: we assume the 'good' machine configuration we want to compare with would come from some average over N pulses and that any short pulses would be removed before averaging to avoid skewing the data.]

* Use Case 3-4: “The machine is working but unstably. What's jittering and what are the most likely causes?” JC comment: we assume two broad parts to this…

  1. DAQ tools would identify what's jittering and analyze the correlations
  2. Send this information to some online physics model or analysis module that will then try to invert the effects to point back at possible causes. To avoid over-complicating the use-case, assume the analysis module or physics model is done by someone else.