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Test Areas

Much of the VTS was acquired through an MOU with JLAB including the controls system which is written in LabView

HTS has just operations and is currently doing coupler processing. This is primarily EPICS based except for LLRF which is using DOOCS.

The facility is under construction. The first cryomodule kit has arrived from DESY and is being assembled. Should be ready for warm testing by November. The controls system front ends will be a combination of DOOCS and EPICS. Applications can either be DOOCS or EPICS. The exact component makeup is not yet determined.

This is primarily DOOCS. An asdf experiment is running there now including the photoinjector which will ultimately be moved to NML. The experiment just started to take data and will run through FY2007

This will start as a damping ring test facility when the CLEO detector is moved out.


Here's a directory of the people that you probably see showing up at meetings or doing real work: