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TTF/FLASH 9mA Studies Wiki

Information for analysis of 9mA Studies data

  • DAQ data available on disk from the 9mA studies runs [link]

Meetings etc

  • Index of FLASH 9mA Meetings pages on Indico [link]

External presentations and publications

  • FLASH Seminar - DESY, Nov 09 [slides]
  • LLRF Workshop - KEK, Oct 09 [slides]
  • ILC Accelerator Advisory Panel (TILC09) - KEK, Apr 09 [slides]
  • US Particle Accelerator Conference, Vancouver BC, May 2009 [paper][poster]
  • FLASH Seminar - DESY, Dec 08 [slides]

Analysis of September 09 studies data

  • Preliminary list of notable events and interesting time periods for analysis [link]



  • Online database of DAQ Channels and parameters [link]
  • Help Page for Accessing/Analyzing DAQ data from Matlab (Oct 2009) [link]
  • DAQ data access refresher (presented at 9mA webex meeting on Oct 29) [link]

RF Systems


  • FLASH Studies request page [link]
  • FLASH Operations elogbook (secure connection, DESY external) [link]
  • Archive of previous 9mA page at DESY [link]
  • Archive of listserv [link]

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