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Getting started

Data from the 9mA studies data is archived in the FLASH DAQ, which is accessed via Matlab extensions. Currently the data is only accessible from the internal DESY network.

We have created a Matlab wrapper to the extensions that can be used 'as is' or as a starting point for something else. To use the wrapper, you need two .m files. The main function is takedata_example.m, which is also where you list the desired channels and the desired time range. It returns two structures that contain the channel names and the waveform data respectively. You also need daq_fetch.m, which is called by the takedata function.

A presentation by Michael Davidsaver (here) includes instructions and information on data formats, channel names, etc.

Note: that the pathnames into the daq are different for the normal 'live' daq and for the custom archive area for the 9ma data. The version of daq_fetch in Michael's presentation shows the path to the live daq, while the verion of daq_fetch linked from this page has the path to the custom 9ma area.

Specific information for Aug/Sept 2009 studies

DOOCS Java applications

Note: these are all via Java Web Start, ie the links are jnlp files

  1. jDTool - DOOCS channel browser similar to the X11-based rpc_test (here)
  2. DAQ data GUI - Java based data display tool, more a data browser but allows histogramming and basic correlation plots (here)
  3. jDDD - new Java-based DOOCS data display, either the run time version or the editor to create your own customized displays (Run-time) (Editor)

DOOCS / DAQ help pages

  1. jddd help page (here)
  2. DOOCS home page (here)
  3. MATLAB DAQ interface (here)

There is also a C/C++ interface to DAQ data servers, you only get the interface methods to access the data but have to write your own event loop:

  • Log on to flashuser1 or flashuser2 via and grab the whole package (Linux/Linux-x86_64/Solaris) from:


  (The zip files contain some basic documents as well as examples)

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