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RF-only shift plan for KW35 (week of August 24th)

Day Time Study Persons Note
Monday 1700-0600 Complete and commission ACC456 SimconDSP firmware, doocs server(s), ddd screens Jalmuzna, Szewinski, Cichalewski
Set up cavity probe signals to ACC456 SimconDSP Grecki, Kudla, Simrock,
Piezo controller commissioning Przygoda
Start up RF Gun Schreiber
Tuesday 1700-~0400 ACC456 SimconDSP end-to-end tests through DOOCS and ddd screens Ayvazyan, Jalmuzna, Szewinski, Cichalewski, Grecki, Carwardine
Start up ACC23, test manual beam loading compensation (postponed from Monday) Ayvazyan
Test remote participation link to remote sites DESY: Karstensen, ANL: Arnold
~0400-0700 Set up ATCA cavity probe signals Koprek
Wednesday 1700-0200 RF power ratio and loaded-Q studies DESY: Ayvazyan, Carwardine, FNAL: Branlard, Chase, Cancelo
0200-0700 Cavity jitter study: open loop measurements DESY: Carwardine, <piezo tuner expert> Beijing: Pei
Thursday 1700-1000 ATCA functional checkout Koprek
1000-1200 Prepare for gradient studies Ayvazyan, Carwardine
1200-0700 Gradient studies DESY: Ayvazyan, Carwardine, KEK: Michizono, Masumoto
Friday 1700-0700
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