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TTF-2 Full Beam-Loading (9mA) Experiment

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Next Meetings (DESY/WebEx)

·Monday 15.12.2008 15:00 CET: TBC (24/200, WebEx)

General reference material

·09:12:08 John and Nick’s ~1 hour presentation to the FLASH Seminar (PPT)

·07.11.08 Material from recent meetings / September run data analysis

·Proposal for FLASH January 09 studies (PDF)

·Submitted report on September studies (Carwardine, PDF)

·04.11.08: Chris Adolphsen’s presentation (September data analysis PPT)

·28.10.08: Shilun Pei’s updated no-beam analysis presentation (PDF)

·14.10.08: Shin Michizono’s presentation op beam energy analysis from September data (PPT)

·14.10.08: Shilun Pei’s presentation on no-beam LLRF data (PDF)

·14.10.08: Stefan Simrock’s presentation on upgrade options for ACC23 and ACC456 (PDF)

·07.10.08: Nick Walker’s introduction to meeting (PPT)

·07.10.08: Siggi Schreiber’s presentation on the status of FLASH dump vacuum (PPT)

·07.10.08: John Carwardine’s summary of accomplishments at September run (PPT)

·17.09.08 Week 39 Shift Schedule (PDF)

·17.09.08 Material from September 16 meeting:

·Summary of LLRF machine study shifts (J. Carwardine, PPT)

·01.09.08 Material from August 26 meeting

·Experience with running longbunch trains (L. Fröhlich PPT)

·01.09.08 Material from August 12 meeting

·LLRF Planning for September (Introduction) (N. Walker PPT)

·LLRF studies for September (J. Carwardine PDF)

·06.08.08 Tentative shift plan for September accelerator studies (PDF) (detailed planned to be published next week)

·06.08.08 Material from general meeting 29.07.08

·Summary of meeting (J. Carwardine, RTF)

·September planning status (J. Carwardine, PDF)

·Summary of LLRF meeting (Grecki/Simrock PDF)

·15.07.08 Material from LLRF-focused WebEx meeting

·Summary of meeting (J. Carwardine, PDF)

·September planning (N. Walker, PPT)

·9mA Studies at FLASH (M. Grecki, PDF)

·Potential LLRF collaboration activities… (S. Simrock, PPT)

·18.07.08 Proposal for Work/Studies for September Shifts (J. Carwardine, RTF)

·07.07.08 Slides presented to the BAC meeting held on 07.07.08 (part of Katja’s presentation on plans) (PPT)

·01.07.08 general meeting presentations

·Experiment status and update (N. Walker, PPT)

·FLASH 9mA Studies Program: Proposed LLRF related studies (J. Carwardine, PDF)

·SIMCON-DSP proposal for ACC456 (S. Simrock, PDF)

·23.06.08: Report from May accelerator studies period (PDF)

·18.04.08: Material from 18.04.08 meeting

·top-level goals and planning for machine study periods – Himel (PPT)

·Status discussions and questions - Walker (PPT)

·Meeting summary (WORD)

·14.04.2008LLRF requirements (use-case) document from S. Simrock (MS WORD)

·10.04.2008 Draft proposal electronically submitted for TTF accelerator study period 19.05-01.06 (PDF)

·18.03.2008High-power requirements for dump (email from M. Schmitz)

·27.02.2008 Walker/Himel presentation at preparation meeting (PPT)

Relevant reports/presentations to ILC-GDE

·21.05.08 LLRF for FLASH 9mA Studies PDF]

·11.06.08 FLASH 9mA beam studies: HLRF/LLRF integration (J. Carwardine) PDF]

·17.06.08 Status report on RF for FLASH 9mA Studies Program (J. Carwardine) PDF]

·19.06.08 FLASH 9mA Studies Program: RF Integration (J. Carwardine) PDF]

Experimental program (LLRF) proposals and related documents

·23.06.08 Proposal for LLRF studies (S. Michizono) WORD]

Meetings (DESY/WebEx)

·next: Tuesday 15.07.2008 at 15:00 (tentative: LLRF specific)

Important dates

07.07.2008 FLASH BAC meeting Present proposal to BAC slides
19.05-01.06.2008 Accelerator Studies via bypass Initial sub-systems test for experiment report
23-27.09.2008 Accelerator Studies via bypass Further sub-system tests with long bunch trains report
12.12.2008 FLASH seminar
05-18.01.2009 Accelerator Studies via bypass Further sub-systems test as needed proposal
18-20.01.2009* Mini-workshop on 9mA experiments TBC: dates to be in conjunction with January machine shifts
06-24.05.2009 Dedicated 9mA experiments

Contacts (action items)

Current Distribution List (updated 7.11.2008)


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