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Studies planning for August/September 2009

FLASH user operation will terminate at 0700 on Monday, August 17th. Following this, there will be a 3-week machine intervention to repair the dump beamline

General planning for KW 34-36

(Per Katja Honkavaara - 11 June 2009)

Week 34 (Aug-17 to Aug-23)

  • Tunnel open days and nights for dump repair work

Week 35 (Aug-24 to Aug-30)

  • Mon-Fri: Tunnel open during day time for dump repair work, closed at night
  • The time for closing the tunnel depends on the work in tunnel, tentatively ca. 1900
  • Tunnel opened every morning (Tue-Fri) sharply at 0700
  • Tunnel closed in the weekend

Week 36 (Aug-31 to Sep-6)

  • Tunnel open for dump repair work when ever needed (probably at least Mon-Wed daytime)
  • Otherwise linac stays at 'stand-by' to start beam operation for the 9mA experiment as soon as the dump repair work is finished

LLRF preparation for 9 mA run (plus ATCA testing)

Presently RF/LLRF studies (without beam) are planned for:

  1. Mon Aug-24 to Thu Aug-27 from 19h evenings to 7h following mornings
  2. Fri Aug-27 ca. 19h evening to Mon Aug-31 at 7h morning
  3. Schedule of LLRF work in these time slots is done by John Carwardine
  4. We will also increase the RF gun pulse length to 800 us and during the weekend
  5. Aug29/30 run beam in GUN mode with Laser2 @ 3MHz

Note: all requests for machine time should be submitted through the usual FLASH studies request page

If more time as mentioned above is required for LLRF 9 mA + ATCA preparation, it is in principle also possible to close the tunnel in the end of week 34 (e.g. for the weekend) or use still Mon Aug-31 or Tue Sep-1 night for LLRF w/o beam. However, that has to be planned beforehand, and cannot just be done in a short notice (we don't have any FLASH experts in control room, just the standard BKR operators).

John Carwardine will work out a tentative time schedule based on requests submitted through the FLASH studies request page. Then we will see, if KW 35 (nights + weekend) is enough for the LLRF preparation work , or if more time is required either in the end of KW 34 or in the beginning of KW 36.

Note that in KW34-36, all the LLRF studies are without beam! Due to dump repair, no beam through the linac is possible (all valves closed). Beam operation is possible only in GUN mode.

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