ILC - International Linear Collider

Schedule of topics for the TTF/FLASH 9mA weekly meetings

Meetings are every Monday at 15:00 DESY time in 24/200. Webex information is distributed before each meeting for those participating remotely.

Week # Date Topic Presenter
27 June 29 TBD TBD
28 July 6 Discussion of operations procedures
Development of firmware for SimconDSP
W.Cichalewski, V. Ayvasyan
W. Jalmuna
29 July 13 Report on DAQ, Scripts, screens
Controls integration
N. Arnold, V. Ayvazyan
O. Hensler
30 July 20 Coordination meeting for LLRF activities during the shutdown of August 17-Sept 6
31 July 27 Preliminary planning meeting for 9mA beam studies shifts, starting Sept 7th J. Carwardine, N. Walker
32 August 3 Update on ACC456 preparations
Report on ATCA LLRF developments
W. Jalmuzna, J. Szewinski
W. Koprek
33 August 10 Studies planning: Machine startup, commissioning B. Faatz, J. Carwardine
34 August 17 Presentation: Cavity RF measurements
Proposal for next HLRF studies
S. Pei, C. Adolphsen
35 August 24 No meeting (first day of overnight non-beam (LLRF) studies)
36 August 31 Review non-beam studies during Week 35
37 Sept 7 No meeting (first day of 9mA beam studies)
38 Sept 14 Review first week of 9mA beam studies
39 Sept 21 Closeout of 9mA beam studies
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