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BCD - Dec.2005 Snapshot

What is this?

This area provides the links to the GDE ILC Baseline Configuration Document (BCD) as of December, 2005. This is the first version of BCD that was created by GDE based on the discussion held at Snowmass 2005 workshop and subsequent work done by the GDE Working Groups and Global Groups. It was released at the Frascati GDE meeting in December, 2005 (thus nicknamed “Frascati BCD”).

This area also provides the links to the comments collected prior to the Frascati meeting as well as comments compiled afterwards towards early January, 2006.

Inputs from Snowmass 2005

Dec. 2005 Version of BCD

System Nodes

GDE White Papers

Five white papers, written by GDE members on critical BCD issues, can be found below.

GDE White Papers on BCD Issues; MSWord file version

Global Nodes

The following nodes currently represent place-holders for each of the Snowmass Global Groups. They are not intended to be as complete as the sub-system nodes (which represent a snapshot of the machine configuration), but are expected to evolve over the next months as work towards the Reference Design Report (RDR) ramps up. They are subject to change and review, and do not necessarily reflect the status of the Baseline Configuration.

Cost Engineering; MSWord file version
Conventional Facilities and Siting; MSWord file version
Operations and Reliability; MSWord file version
Instrumentation and Controls; MSWord file version
Physics Options

Comments Prior to / Around the time of Frascati

Post-Frascati Comments

Comments received by CCB on the Dec. 2005 version of BCD are compiled in a separate page.


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