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From: Nobu Toge


Date: Mon, 31 Jul 2006 21:15:00 +0900 (JST)

Subject: CCB Contact Persons for BCD/RDR Consistency Restoration Efforts

Dear Colleagues,

This is a circular from CCB, directed towards all who are involved in RDR efforts at GDE. I am asking all leaders of Area/Global/Technical Groups to share this communication with your working members. This email concerns the work to do by all, in ensuring that the contents of RDR and BCD be maintained consistent with each other.

First, a short explanation of the background for those of you who could not attend the RDR authoring session, presided by N.Phinney, during the Vancouver GDE meeting. This session took place on Friday, July 21, in which Nan explained the proposed layout and authoring strategies for RDR. The meeting materials are available at -

At that time Toge was given a chance to explain the relation between RDR and BCD, together with the relation between RDR efforts and CCB. Major conclusions for BCD/CCB with regards to RDR are as follows.

  • Phinney is the primary RDR editor, who'd be aided by two co-editors, N.Walker and N.Toge.
  • CCB will be assigning up to two CCB contact persons on the RDR matter for each of the RDR sections with the following mission. The CCB contact persons will -
    1. Go out and examine the current status of BCD relative to RDR assumptions for each of the assigned systems. They will discuss the situation with representatives of respective Area/Global/ Technical systems. Refer to the BCD guidelines from the time of Snowmass, which is available as .
    2. Based on 1, they will draft “changes-needed” reports on BCD for review within CCB. The goal is for the CCB chair to communicate these “changes-needed” reports, as found suitable, to relevant Area/Global/ Technical systems before the end of August.

Then Based on 1 and 2, CCB members continue the work to develop a proposal for reorganizing the BCD into entities within the EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) which is hoped to be commissioned after RDR is completed. The time-scale for this task is to produce a concrete CCB proposal by late 2006.

I am attaching a tentative contact sheet which outlines the following.

a. A rough mapping between the RDR chapters and BCD sections. The RDR organization is as per Nan's proposal “RDR Report Discussion” at the URI above.

b. Tentative entries for the primary and secondary CCB contacts.

Several notes:

  • The high priority items within the task list are the following three:
    1. Identify any remaining inconsistencies and restore the consistency between the BCD and RDR assumptions.
    2. Tabulate critical numerical information that is presently lacking in the BCD. A notable example is the performance parameters for each of the major subsystems. What kind of beam you expect to receive and what kind of beam you expect to deliver? Quantify them with clear numbers and their ranges, please. The number of critical component units should be spelled out clearly, too. Naturally, CCB's intention is not to run into unproductive micro-documentation.
    3. Incorporate more up-to-date, accurate illustrations, wherever adequate.
  • This work on “restoring the consistency” between BCD and RDR would be done primarily in the context of Area and Global system sections. Most of the technical system descriptions are mostly “buried” in the Area/Global sections. At this moment we are NOT going to pay much efforts in re-extracting TS-specific descriptions into a new BCD sectioning organization.
  • Accurate and clear description is a concern. However, beautification of the text and the presentation styles are NOT of our primary concern.
  • Area and Global System Leaders do not necessarily have to wait for CCB's “changes needed” letters, before submitting their change configuration requests.
  • Unless otherwise noted, the CCB contact persons will contact the leaders of relevant system groups. If these system groups wish to assign or re-identify their contact persons for this CCB business, we would appreciate hearing from you, too.

If you have any general questions, please, do not hesitate to direct them to ml-ccb at


- Nobu Toge (KEK, Accelerator Lab)

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