ILC - International Linear Collider
Primary (and Secondary) Contacts on the DCB for each Area, Global, and Technical System group: (updated 30feb06-peterg)

The Primary DCB Contact is responsible for communicating with the System Group Contact, making sure he/she understands what is required, and works with them in getting these tasks accomplished. The Primary DCB Contact will closely monitor the progress and staus of these tasks and reports to the full DCB. He/she is responsible for arranging the reviews of the corresponding System Group, using other members of the DCB or anyone else who is appropriate. Much of the ordinary communication can be exclusively between the System Group and the Primary DCB Contact. The Primary DCB contact will determine when this information should be passed on to the full DCB. The Secondary DCB Contact serves as a backup for the Primary and should be in the chain of communications in order to be able to act on behalfof the Primary DCB Contact person, if needed.

Please direct correspondence to them for distribution to DCB.
The known single point of contacts for the AS, GS, TS are listed, if specified.

System Group (System Group Contact) - DCB Primary Contact (DCB Secondary Contact)

Electron Source (Axel Brachmann) - Ewan Paterson (Nan Phinney)
Positron Source (Masao Kuriki) - Jean-Pierre Delahaye (Nan Phinney)
Damping Rings (Andy Wolski) - Jean-Pierre Delahaye (Ewan Paterson)
Rings to Main Linac (Peter Tenenbaum) - Nan Phinney (Jean-Pierre Delahaye)
Main Linac (Chris Adolphsen) - Bob Kephart (Tetsuo Shidara)
Beam Delivery System (Andrei Seryi) - Nan Phinney (Peter Garbincius)
Commissioning, Operations, & Reliability (Tom Himel) - Ewan Paterson (Nobuhiro Terunuma)
Control System (John Carwardine) - Nobuhiro Terunuma (Atsushi Enomoto)
Cryogenics (xxx) - Peter Garbincius (Alex Mueller)
Conventional Facilities & Siting (Vic Kuchler) - Wilhelm Bialowons (Atsushi Enomoto)
Installation (Fred Asiri)- Ewan Paterson (Tetsuo Shidara)
Vacuum Systems (xxx) - Tetsuo Shidara (Nobuhiro Terunuma)
Magnet (and Power Supply) Systems (John Tompkins)- Peter Garbincius (Alex Mueller)
Cryomodules (xxx) - Bob Kephart (Wilhelm Bialowos)
Cavity Package (xxx) - Bob Kephart (Alex Mueller)
RF Power (Shigeki Fukuda)- Tetsuo Shidara (Peter Garbincius)
Instrumentation (Marc Ross) - Nobuhiro Terunuma (Atsushi Enomoto)
Dumps and Collimators (Syuichi Ban) - Peter Garbincius (Wilhelm Bialowons)
Accelerator Physics (xxx) - Nan Phinney (Jean-Pierre Delahaye)

R&D Board (Bill Willis) - Peter Garbincius
Change Control Board (Nobu Toge) - Peter Garbincius

Cost Engineers - Peter Garbincius, Wilhelm Bialowons, Tetsuo Shidara - all are also members of DCB.

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