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RDR Notes, Procedures, and Documents (DCB)

Here are the RDR Costing Guidelines (v5-15march) presented and discussed at Bangalore PDF version and MS Word version - PeterG - 16march06

Here are the additional RDR Cost Estimating Instructions (UPDATED- 23may06) which contain more details. We expect that these will continue to be updated as you request more specific guidance - PeterG - 24may06 PDF version MS Word version - (28july06: PHG added links to the Optimizations - Construction Costs vs. Long Term Operations to the RDR Cost Estimating Instructions)

RDR Contact Matrix being updated
Peter's Cost Estimating Talks at Fermilab April, 2006: DOE/NSF Review, ILC-MAC, seminar

Initial Questions for Area System Groups - 06feb06 (MS Word)
Initial Questions for Area System Groups - 06feb06 (PDF)
These are preliminary questions, I am already getting comments, suggestions, and requests for clarification, for which I will modify the documents and post on this site - Peter G - 6feb06

Preliminary WBS illustrating Level of Detail - see WBS page

Example of WBS Dictionary from NLC (2000), from Chris Adolphsen. I think the last pages 33-35 are probably not applicable at this time - Peter G - 15feb06

Outline of RDR - still a high level-outline, requires experts in the Systems groups to further refine and expand the topics as appropriate - (peterg-10feb06) - would really appreciate all contributed section in MS Word format - (peterg-24feb06)- Jim Brau says only one chapter for detectors and physics case - (peterg-1march06)

PRELIMINARY CONSTRUCTION SCHEDULE: The individual Area, Technical, and Global System groups need to know when their components must be available for installation in the ILC. This will determine how fast production facilities must be brought on-line and what the production rate must be. The following preliminary documents are a first pass look at a possible conventional facility production schedule showing when tunnels and underground enclosures could be available for intstallation of technical components, and and when all components must have been delivered to the ILC site for completion of installation within 7 years of the start of construction (when funding is available): outline of schdule, spreadsheet schedule showing more details, and backup descriptive text - including 27feb06 reponse to Nobu Toge on “Technically-limited” schedule. These are just to facilitate cost estimating of components and further discussion of the schedule. - Peter G - 24feb06

Usefull links to prior reports TESLA, XFEL, NLC, GLC, Snowmass 2005 presentations, etc.- PeterG - 9feb06

ILCBCD beamline info from Tor, with modifications for Damping Rings (25jan06) - a nice, easy to follow DRAFT description of what beamline elements are in ILC - PeterG - 9feb06

Useful links to recent GDE/RDR meetings - PeterG - 5may06:
Main Linac Review (DESY), May06
LCFoA Meeting (SLAC), May06
ILC-MAC Review (Fermilab), April06 ILC-MAC Report
US DOE/NSF Review of ART (Fermilab), April06
Bangalore - March06
Fermilab - Feb06
KEK - Jan06
Frascati - Dec05
TESLA Technology Collaboration and XFEL presentations at Frascti - Dec05

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