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Call for Expressions of Interest

The International Linear Collider has completed the Reference Design Report phase and is entering the Engineering Design Report phase to be completed in 2010. There is a fair amount of R&D as well as engineering that needs to be done in order to complete the EDR.

A call has been made to the current ILC community for a solicitation of expressions of interest (EOI) to work on the Control System and Low Level RF System(LLRF) aspects of the EDR. This email is meant to broaden that solicitation to members of the international [controls] community that may be interested in participating.

The list of workpackages can be found for Controls here and for LLRF here An EOI is not a binding contract, we are just trying to get a list of people and institutions that are interested in participating in this effort, and with what expertise.

The EOI is also NOT a funding request. Part of the EOI form will list the funding sources for the particular request. Please note that an EOI does NOT need to complete all aspects of a work package, but can be limited to a section of the material. The EOI form can be found here here

Completed EOIs should be sent to the head of the ILC Controls effort for the EDR, Margaret Votava. (01) 630-840-2625 by mid November. Contact Margaret if you are interested, but may not be ready to submit an EOI by then.

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