ILC - International Linear Collider

ILC High Data Rate DAQ and Control Instrumentation

Let's define the following data rate levels for ILC data acquisition:

  1. Very High Data Rate: bucket by bucket (780 ps) DAQ
  2. High Data Rate: bunch by bunch (approx. 300 ns) DAQ
  3. Medium Data Rate: ILC rep. rate (200 ms) DAQ
  4. Slow Data Rate: > 200 ms DAQ

Consider the following beam instrumentation in category 1 or 2: (NOT complete and to be discussed further!)

Major beam instrumentation for category 2 (BPM) and 3 (BLM, HOM)

  • approx. 2×350 (?) BPM's & BLM's in the main linac
  • approx. 36 BPM's for the energy measurement
  • approx. 500 BPM's & BLM's in the BDS
  • approx. 400 BPM's & BLM's along BC and injectors
  • 2 fast IP feedback BPM's (read-out only)
  • approx. 50 broadband toroids monitors (bunch charge)

There will be some 40…60 other monitors for transverse and longitudinal beam instrumentation (Laser wires, bunch phase LOLA, EOS, etc.) measuring in a bunch by bunch time scale.

  • 100 x 500 m long ion chambers BLM's
  • up to 2 x 10000 HOM signals

There will be a few (4) very broadband (5 GHz) wall current monitors to resolve charge on a bucket by bucket time resolution (category 1).

DR beam instrumentation

  • 2x 400 (?) BPM's, turn by turn (100 kHz BW) and narrowband (kHz BW).
  • some (10 ?) bunch by bunch (3…20 ns) BPM's
  • single bunch current monitors (3…20 ns bunch by bunch toroids)
  • hor., vert., and long. bunch by bunch feedback signals
  • 2 x 6 Laser wires
  • transverse SR monitors
  • bunch lenght monitors (SR ?)

Raw BPM data will be probably 16…20 bit x 4 (electrodes) x 2 (I and Q). Formatted BPM data hor., vert., pitch, yaw, int.

Machine Protection System

  • dedicated MPS monitors: approx. 150 BPM's and all BLM's with REAL TIME DAQ and very high availability

LLRF Instrumentation approx. 1 MSPS Sampling rate

Cavity (20000 x) Signals:

  • forward power
  • reflected power
  • cavity probe

Klystron (300 x) Signals:

  • forward power (input and output)
  • reflected power (output)
  • beam current
  • HV

Modulator Signals ?

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