ILC - International Linear Collider


XFEL Controls Work

Areas of interest, possible contributions:

  • ATCA / µTCA / AMC developments
    • ATCA and µTCA system evaluation
    • AMC board design (universal AMC with Vertex 5, MMC and IO piggy-back)
    • MMC code with IPMI support
    • FPGA code distribution
    • failure handling for radiation events
    • IPMI DOOCS server
    • AMC module for a machine protection system
    • AMC module for ps stable timing
  • DOOCS server failover
    • first implementation for the two redundant FLASH injector lasers
  • Java control system editor (jddd)
    • frame work for control system data presentation
  • Code sharing, code repositories, build and and deployment
  • Remote Operations

TESLA Cavity Controls Work

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