ILC - International Linear Collider

EDR R&D Workpackages for LLRF

    • capture functional and non-functional requirements, document and review.
    • Develop master oscillator, reference distribution system, up and down-converters for field detection. Develop calibration and fault detection system for receivers and cable plant for an RF station.
    • Develop the digital controller system for field control, resonance control, interlocks and diagnostics. Controllers will process IF signals as an interface with the microwave hardware.
    • Controller scope includes field detection, field control algorithm, cavity simulator, front-end, piezo controller and klystron drive, compensation of Lorentz force detuning and beam current compensation. Provide control points and diagnostic interfaces for application software.
    • Develop basic measurement application needed for rf control: Field vector measurement, vector-sum, detuning loaded Q, loop phase and loop gain etc.. Complex applications such as adaptive FF, system identification, cavity conditioning, fault recover, etc.
    • Define the automation concepts such as statemachine , define events and procedure
    • Develop test plan of LLRF system components at test facilities where possible. Determine acceptance criteria as related to system requirements. Propose amended requirements based on gained experience and interaction with other machine and global groups.

List of Work Packages for the EDR - Controls

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