ILC - International Linear Collider
Outline of Controls Chapter in BCD (work in progress)

X.1. Introduction

X.2. ILC Requirements

X.2.1. Control and Automation

X.2.2. Feedback

X.2.3. Synchronized measurement

X.2.4. Data acquisition and processing

X.2.4.1. Synchronous to bunch rate at 3MHz

X.2.4.2. Synchronous to LLRF IF at 1MHz (250KHz IF)

X.2.4.3. Synchronous to bunch train rate at 5Hz

X.2.4.4. Unsynchronized

X.2.5. Tuning

X.2.6. Modeling and simulation

X.2.7. Accelerator/Detector Coupling

X.2.8. Reliability and Availability

X.2.9. Standards and Specifications

X.3. Integrated Control System - Global Systems

X.3.1. ICS Integration

X.3.2. Control System Architecture

X.3.3. Control System Network

X.3.4. Timing

X.3.4.1. RF Master Oscillator Distribution

X.3.4.2. Timing and event generation

X.3.4.3. Real-time Data Link

X.3.5. Equipment Protection

X.3.5.1. Beam Permit System

X.3.5.2. Machine Protection System

X.3.6. Personnel Protection and Tunnel Access

X.3.7. Control Rooms

X.3.8. Remote Access and Tele-presence

X.3.9. Relational Databases

X.3.10. Software Development System

X.3.11. Support Computing Systems

X.3.12. Software (System and Application)

X.4. Controls Requirements for ILC Technical Systems

X.4.1. Communications Protocols

X.4.2. Remote monitoring and diagnostics

X.5. Machine/Subsystem Requirements

X.5.1. Source

X.5.2. Linac

X.5.3. Damping Ring

X.5.4. Beam Delivery Systems

X.5.5. Accelerator/Detector Interface

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