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TODO - before Beijing

PRIVATE documents

MB: we did not define private collections yet. They have to be defined “on demand”, because we also have to define a group that has access to the collection and assign a password to the group.

LH: Probably the definitions you mention here should be in effect before the system goes public, or otherwise the corresponding buttons should be suppressed in the GUI to prevent people from getting stuck?

MB: I would agree in removing the PVT selection from the form. This does not exclude the possibility to test the mechanism of PRIVATE collections by migrating some ilc-plone pvt-documents, as discussed this morning. In this case, the PVT flag is inserted during the conversion (the submission form is not used).

Jan 25: PVT selection not allowed. We can restore it after the test on a set of documents imported from ilc-plone..


LH: […] needing to define approvers, probably also here the definitions and implementations should be there or the according submission link should be suppressed.

MB: The submission link could be suppressed. It will still possible to submit such a document by the URL

Links in the submission page

  • We now have “ILC Internal Documents”. This is the link that should be used by ILC collaborators =⇒ we will not add “public”
  • Remove the link “Document with simple refereeing” (see above)

Clean up

We'll wait until beginning of next week to:

  • truncate the tables
  • delete old files

Access to restricted records

  • Can the system recognize the users that are members of the ilc group in order for them to access internal documents without logging-in twice (once with the ILCDoc internal account and once with the Apache account) ?

Harvesting from Indico

New records

  • From ILC-Wiki
  • From ILC-Plone
  • RDR docs
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