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InDiCo Bugs Reportd by ILC Users

Get Package Tool

  • Problem (submitted 2006.04.12)

The “get package” tool, which should create a zipped file of all the slides/papers of a meeting always returns an empty zip file.

  • Status

No word wrap in meeting descriptions

  • Problem (submitted 2006.02.17)

If a long description is inserted for a meeting contribution, the line does not wrap in the browser width. Result is that information to far right (usually the speaker name) is not visible. The width of the page, whether in “display” mode or “modify” mode is set by the length of the longest description, which can hide (in “modify” mode) the buttons needed to attach a speaker's name to the talk.

  • Status

Anamolies after "Reallocate" function invoked

  • Problem (submitted 2006.02.10)

Various bugs relating to the calendar display and to the title of a meeting can show up when agenda categories are moved around. Moved items do not appear in calendar; meeting names become invisible and items become impossible to edit.

  • Status (2006.02.17)

This bug has been acknowledged by the developers and a fix is promised shortly.

Room Mapping

  • Problem (submitted 2006.02.17)

Map hyperlink on meeting pages hard wired to CERN map. For example

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