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Time Zones

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One important feedback that we have from the DESY CDS Agenda use is the need for time-zone awareness. Can calendars show in the local time-zone. How does one enter time-zone relevant meetings?

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This is not currently possible, Indico is not timezone aware. But this improvement is on our todo list.

Data Entry

  • When creating an agenda, it would be nice to be able to enter all the required information from one page.
  • When selecting an author, it would be really nice to have a pull down list to choose from, rather than, for a registered user, typing in part of his contact information and then hitting “search”.
  • Another user suggests:
    • Entering the talk data would be faster if the speaker could be entered on the same screen as the talk title and time. I ended up entering the talk title and time, going back to the overall timetable, clicking on the title of the talk I had just entered, and then entering the speaker. This was unnecessarily slow.
    • I always entered the speakers name by doing a search. I had to check two different check boxes to pick the speaker even if only one satisfied my search. This could be made quicker if the default was to have the box checked.

Meeting Management

  • Add a feature where all the talks on a page can be downloaded at once to a specified folder on the user's hard drive. This would make it easier for a chairman to download all the talks for a session. While this seems to exist with the “Get Packsge” tool, the zip file created was always empty.

Date Formats

  • It would be nice to have a user specific configuration option to have the date and calendar views in “US” format - that Sunday is the first day of the week and that dates are mm/dd/yy.


  • It would be nice if the admin pages listed group members alphabetically and not in the order in which they were added.
  • It would be good if people could see which groups exist, sign themselves up for groups and set their own schedule for meeting reminders. This implies groups specifically used for meeting announcements as opposed to groups defined to manage categories or conferences.


  • For Admin purposes, it would be nice to have explicit wildcards for searching (I use ”@” in the email field to get all users) and the ability to see user list ordered in different ways:

- alphabetically by surname - by institution - by date of inscription in indico

Support: Bug Reports, Wish list, etc.

  • Currently support is handled by emailing CERN support team. I suggest that it may be useful to use a discussion board style format designed for this purpose. For example see:

which is used to manage the SLAC WBS tool. Advantage is that all users could see what has been suggested and what plans are (or not) being made to respond. A similar comment may be made to create user defined FAQs.

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