ILC - International Linear Collider

Alternative to SUSY

  • Motivation to alternative scenarios
  • Simple descriptions of various models (ADD, RS, UED, Little Higgs model, etc.)
  • Connection to dark matter problems
  • An example of LC study in the ADD model
    • Determination of the number of extra dimensions
    • Determination of the spin 2 property
  • An example of LC study in the UED model
    • Spin determination of 1st KK particles
  • An example of LC study in the Little Higgs model
    • Indirect effects in ee→ttZ, Zh, and ff processes.
  • Discrimination of various Z' models from ee→ff processes
  • A discussion and a summary table of new physics models, which describes
    1. what LHC can find,
    2. what LC can find directly or indirectly (i.e. SM and Higgs processes),
    3. what aspects LC can clarify in each case.
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