ILC - International Linear Collider


  • Preliminaries:
    • Introduction and motivations for SUSY
    • Summary of MSSM and constrained/extended models
    • Summary of possible outcome of LHC (maybe in Intro section)
    • Possible signals at ILC
  • Measurements to be performed at the ILC:
    • in slepton-pair production
    • in chargino/neutralino production
    • in stop production
    • measurements in other scenarios/extensions of the MSSM (light gravitinos, singlino NMSSM, RPV, Higgs in cascades, ..).
    • Summary of benefits of higher energy and other machine options
  • Implication of the precision ILC measurements:
    • testing GUT relations
    • determination of Lagrangian parameters in constrained models
    • impact on Higgs physics (determination of M_h, etc..)
    • implication for cosmology and determination of Omega h^2
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