ILC - International Linear Collider

S1 Taskforce: High Gradient Cavities

Charge and Defnition of Goals


The work plan for S1 task force consists of four elements:

  1. Tight-loop experiments: A few good cavities must be re-treated several times to demonstrate that spread of process is small and comparable results between labs. This allows to disentangle the fabrication from the preparation process.
  2. Single-cell R&D: A single-cell programme is needed to identify optimum parameters for the final surface preparation. It is proposed to do that in an collaborative effort with TTC (TESLA Technology Collaboration).
  3. Production-like experiments Document under preparation.
  4. General R&D Document under preparation.

Discussion on Draft Workplan

Collaborative effort with TTC

To facilitate important parts of this programme ILC needs to built it on the experience accumulated in TTC. Therefore the S1 taskforce seeks to have an collaborative effort in the ILC High-Gradient Cavity Programme especially on the definition of the parameters for the 'tight-loop' as well on the single-cell programme. Full document.

A possible program was discussed at a meeting at KEK on the 28.9.2006 (Minutes).




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