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Charge and Workplan Draft 5

Documents in reverse chronological order

Modified Beam Paragraph - H. Padamsee, 11 March 07

Proposed Beam Paragraph - H. Padamsee, 07March07

From Sekutowic HOM vs frequency

From Martin Dohlus - DESY - HOM absorber talk

Full S2 report Draft of 27Mar07 - T. Himel - 29Mar07

Full S2 report Draft of 23Jan07 - T. Himel - 23Jan07

Draft of plenary S2 status talk at Beijing - T. Himel - 22Jan07

Full S2 report Draft of 18Jan07 - T. Himel - 18Jan07

Updated Section 5 - H. Padamsee

RF phase stability measurements - S. Nagaitsev - 12Jan07

- section 2 & 3 revised by H. Padamsee after comments

S2 report draft section 5 - R. Kephart and H. Padamsee

S2 report draft of sections 4 and 7 - N.Toge updated on 16Jan07 ( 10Jan07 version, original: 8Jan07)

S2 report draft of section 2 and 3 - H. Padamsee

S2 report draft of sections 1, 5.1, and 6 - T. Himel - 4Jan07

Toge zeroth order draft manuscript - 27Nov06

S2 reasons with new risk columns added, updated Nov 20, 2006 with committee input, R. Kephart

S2 status report given in plenary session at Valencia - T. Himel - 10Nov06

Description of linac vacuum system - C. Adolphsen - 6Nov06

Outline of report and writing assignments - H. Padamsee + all - 7Nov06

Tests needed on CM, possible modifications, version 2, corrected table from Valencia discussion - R. Kephart - 6 Nov 06

Schedule for replacing a cryomodule in a test accelerator - Nagaitsev + Weise - 5Nov06

Agenda for the S2 meetings in Valencia Nov 5-6, 2006 - T. Himel - 2Nov06

Which tests can be done at TTF v2 - M. Ross with modifications from S2 meeting of 5Nov06

Linac vacuum design - C. Adolphsen - 6Nov06

Energy and phase resolution - S. Nagaitsev - 6Nov06

DESY and Fermilab estimates of time to replace a cryomodule - S. Nagaitsev, H. Weise - 3Nov06

Spreadsheet of heatloads in the cryomodule - C. Adolphsen - 2Nov06

Thoughts about a dirty vent of accelerating modules - H. Weise - 02Nov2006

Summary Talk from WG4 (SRF Operational Experience) from TTC Meeting at KEK, Sep. 2006. Also, Summary Report (Draft) from WG4.

XFEL cryogenics and fault scenarios - H. Weise - 31Oct06

Which tests can be done at TTF - M. Ross - 30Oct06

Tests needed on CM, possible modifications, version 1, - R. Kephart - 30Oct06

List of reasons for doing tests and stages, Version 3 - T. Himel - 27Oct06

Updated List of Detailed Milestones from Discussions at Phone Meetings - H. Padamsee

Progress Report on S2 presented to EC Oct 23 - H. Padamsee

Materials related to “learning curve” (N.Toge learned about all the materials here from J.Cornuelle of SLAC back in Spring, 2004):

CERN Courier on LHC dipole industrialization

Start of Milestone list for S2 - H. Padamsee 8 Oct 06

Talk on ILC Long Range R&D Plan at TTC Meeting in KEK, by Padamsee for the S2 Task Force - H. Padamsee - 3 Oct 06

Consistancy check between S0, S1, S2 - H. Padamsee - 24Sep06

Review of whether beam is needed - H. Hayano - 24Sep06

How much is enough? Rev.0.1 - N.Toge - 24Sep06

Himel's modification of Kephart's cryomodule production plan - T. Himel - 24Sep06

Optimistic overall ILC schedule from now through construction start - T. Himel - 24Sep06

Industrialization examples from previous projects - Padamsee - 24Sep06

Spreadsheet with list of possible reasons for doing a system test - T. Himel+all - 24Sep06

Comment on testing DFS - P. Tenebaum - 12Sep06

S2 Input from TTF / FLASH and XFEL - H. Weise -11Sep06

Draft agenda for Sept 06 KEK meeting - T. Himel - 12Sep06

Brief Review of Linear Collider Beam-Based Alignment for Linacs - by Raubenheimer and Tenebaum, March04 - posted by Himel, found by Nagaitsev - 31Aug06

Evolutionary Picture of ILC ML Test Facilities - N.Toge - Rev.0.0: 29Aug06

String test needed for cryogenics test? - Tom Himel and Tom Peterson - 28Aug06

Summary of Regional Interest Panel Meetings on S0, S1, S2 Related Discussions - H. Padamsee 20Aug.06

Notes from TTF/FLASH Experiences - N.Toge - Rev 0.1: 21Aug06

Timeline For Test Facility Plans Uploaded by H. Padamsee, 15Aug06

Poster on Jlab Operating Experience Uploaded by H. Padamsee 10Aug06

Poster on LEP Operating Experience Uploaded by H. Padamsee - 10. Aug06

Notes from LHC Production by Carlo Wyss, uploaded by H. Padamsee - 09 Aug 2006

Recent Talks on TTF/FLASH (VUV-FEL) - Materials compiled by H.Weise for S2 - 08Aug06

Operational Experience with the Test Facilities for TESLA - H.Weise, contribution to LINAC2002 - 08Aug06

First Thoughts on Commissioning of the TESLA Collider - P.Castro et al, TESLA-2002-09. - 08Aug06

Operating Experience with the First TESLA Test Facility (TTC) Cryomodule J.G.Weisend II et al, 17th Internat'l Conf. on Cryogenic Engineering, 1998, Bournemouth, UK. - 08Aug06

Notes from TRISTAN Experiences - N.Toge - Rev 0.3: 08Aug06

Couplers - Experience at KEK S.Noguchi et al, via N.Toge

Experience on SC RF System at TRISTAN S.Noguchi via N.Toge

List of possibly needed tests v4 - All- 31Jul06

Talks at Vancouver GDE meeting - July06

Reliability Validation of Components (1) - Nobu Toge - Rev. 19Jul06

Linac Length needed for beam dynamics tests, Version 5 - Kiyoshi Kubo - 10Jul06

Linac Length needed for beam dynamics tests, Version 4 - Kiyoshi Kubo - 5Jul06

List of Tasks Related to string test from TRC-II and Elsewhere - Nobu Toge - 15June06

Fermilab proposals for future ILC beam test facilities - Sergei Nagaitsev - 4May06

Talk on test facility needs - Tor Raubenheimer - 30July04—-

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