ILC - International Linear Collider

Collimators and Dumps


Responsible for protection spoilers, beam dumps, PPS and MPS protection dumps, and beam collimators.
(from Charges for RDR Leaders (January 12, 2006))


July 19-24 - Vancouver meeting; next round of estimates due
June 25 - Sunday - First Cost Estimates Due to DCB (for Vancouver Meeting)
June 19 - Monday 1300 GMT - Tech System Status (w/ Installation)
May 3-5 - Wed-Fri: Collimation and Beam Dump Meeting at SLAC


Group leaders are Shuichi Ban, Chris Densham, and Tom Markiewicz. You can email all of us by clicking here. The official contact person has not yet been specified.

Group Members also include Rob Appleby, Roger Bennett, Wilhelm Bialowons, Eric Doyle, Juan Fernandez, Lew Keller, Micheal Schmitz, Dieter Walz and Nigel Watson. You can email all of us by clicking here.

Area Group Contacts

Electron Source Axel Brachmann
Positron Source John Sheppard
Damping Rings Mike Zisman
RTML Peter Tenenbaum (PT)
Linac contact not required
Beam Delivery Andrei Seryi and Deepa Angal-Kalinin

Global Group Contacts

Commissioning, Operations, Reliability Tom Himel
Control System John Carwardine
Cryogenics contact not required
Conventional Facilities Clay Corvin
Installation Fred Asiri

Technical System Contacts

Vacuum Systems John Noonan
Accelerator Physics Daniel Schulte and Kyoshi Kubo
Instrumentation Marc Ross
Magnet systems contact not required
Cryomodules & Cavities contact not required
RF Power contact not required

Links to Areas & Systems


Comprehensive List of Dumps and Collimators

2006-07-11 Version with improved technical information and rudimentary cost data is available by email requestTom Markiewicz
2006-06-18 Version
2006-06-09 Version
2006-06-08 Version

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