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RDR Cost Estimate Archives

A link to an archive of cost estimate work has been created to make relevant files accessible from one place. Note - most of this information has been available through the links on this wiki page - either to specific presentations, or the weekly meetings, so there is nothing new. Work on the RDR Cost Estimate ended in May 2007, prior to the Paris review; except for moving and renaming a few files for convenience, they are unchanged since that time. The link: Magnet Systems Group RDR Cost Estimate Archives

Weekly Teleconference Material

Note: meetings will now be on an “as needed” basis since there is no Magnet Systems Group in the new EDR organization. However, despite its present (non-)status, the former Magnet Systems Group was asked to contribute to the EDR Kick Off Meetings (KOM's) and meet with several of the Area Systems groups during the GDE/ALCPG at Fermilab (Oct. 22-27, 2007). A link to these presentations can be found at: Magnet Systems Group RDR-EDR Transition Presentations

Weekly Meeting Materials - 071018

An archive of Meeting Materials has been created; it can be accessed at:

Magnet System Meeting Archives


Responsible for the design and costing of all magnet systems (including cold magnets), and associated power supplies, interlocks, cabling, cable trays, supports (including He vessel for cold magnets), and movers. Interface to control system at a serial digital interface. Responsibilities include specialty magnets such as the final focusing magnets, kicker systems, and undulator systems.


Regional leaders are Eduard N. Bondarchuk, Efremov Institute, Ryuhei Sugahara, KEK,
and John Tompkins, FNAL. John is the official contact person.

List of Magnet Contact People

Area Group Contacts

Global Group Contacts

Commissioning, Operations, Reliability Tom Himel, SLAC
Control System John Carwardine, ANL
Cryogenics Tom Peterson, FNAL
Conventional Facilities tbd
Installation Fred Asiri, SLAC

Technical System Contacts

Vacuum Systems John Noonan, ANL
Instrumentation Marc Ross, SLAC
Cryomodules & Cavities Harry Carter, FNAL

Magnet Data Input

A spreadsheet was developed to capture the information necessary for design and cost estimation. This spreadsheet was distributed to Area Systems leaders on March 20, 2006 with the following caveat:

The Magnet Systems worksheet represents the information we believe we need for magnet design and costing. It is a guide for the Area Systems but we are not requiring the information to be transmitted in that specific format. We will be quite happy to receive the information in other formats (such as your specifications) if that eliminates duplication of effort. If something has been left out which is needed to specify your system, please add it. It there are items which do not apply to your system, please indicate them.

Magnet Data Input Form distributed to Area Leaders

Magnet Information Received from Area Leaders

The magnet specification data received to date now includes input from all Area Systems Groups: BDS, RTML, Main Linac, e- source, e+ source, and Damping Rings. Not all of the system information is complete or final, but work is under way to reduce the individual lattice element requirements to a set of magnet 'styles' which can be used for design and cost estimation.

Area Systems Magnet Data (through 5/31/06)

Cherrill Spencer has continued to revise the overall magnet count as the magnet information from Area Leaders is updated. Many of the magnet lists are still in flux, so this remains a preliminary summary; specifically, this table does not yet contain the magnet count change due to the switch to the 14 mr/14 mr BDS configuration.

Overall Magnet Count 12/08/06

"Engineering names" for magnets

There is a need for a compact descriptor - name - for magnet types which encapsulates enough information that different instances of a dipole, for example, can be easily identified and differentiated by aperture and length. The Magnet Systems Group has developed a naming convention following the general prescription which has been used at SLAC. Cherrill Spencer has presented a preliminary version of our naming convention in a talk to the BDS Group at SLAC and received their comments.

The naming convention is now sufficiently developed to be presented for general scrutiny. A link to Cherrill's most recent presentation is given below. Please note: the engineering name of a magnet does not replace the name used in the lattice; it is a magnet specific name of use to the magnet folks. When magnets are defined for specific Area Systems, the lattice element name will be linked to a magnet engineering name.

Magnet Naming Directive

Magnet Systems Group Meetings

Note: In the menus accessed by the meeting links, some pdf files do not always open correctly 1).

Meeting at SLAC April 25-26, 2006

The first formal meeting of the Magnet Systems Group was held at SLAC on April 25-26, 2006. The first day was spent with presentations and discussions of the approach to cost estimation for the magnets and with talks on specific magnets and systems. The second day continued with group discussions and meetings with Area Systems leaders.

Presentations at the April Meeting

Meeting at Fermilab May 23-24, 2006

The second Magnet System Group meeting was held at Fermilab on May 23-24, 2006. The first reports on progress in analyzing the magnet specification data received from the Area Systems Groups were presented. The magnet lists from the first systems to be received, BDS and RTML, are in the process of being reduced to sets of common styles. Reports on approaches to specific magnets, such as the Positron Source undulator, kicker, septum and pulsed magnets, and the muon spoiler system were also given. Other presentations included power supply systems, infrastructure for magnet testing and storage, and discussions of magnet design guidelines, and naming conventions.

The meeting agenda and all the presentations can be found at the link below:

Presentations at the May Meeting

Vancouver LCWS Meeting July 21-24, 2006

The Vancouver LCWS Magnet Systems Group workshop and some follow-up materials can be found at the link below:

Vancouver Meeting Materials

Meetings held at Fermilab October 18, 19 - 20, 2006

A meeting of the Magnet System Group meeting will be held at Fermilab on October 19-20, 2006. These dates were chosen to follow immediately after an LCFOA Workshop on magnet design and manufacturing issues to be held at Fermilab on October 18, 2006 in which members of the Magnet Systems Group will participate. (Note: there is also an ILC Americas Review at Fermilab on the 18th and 19th of October.)

Magnet System Group presentations at this and other LCFOA meetings can be found with the LCFOA link in the “Magnet Systems Group Presentations at Meetings” section below.

Beginning FMEA Studies

In the transition from RDR to EDR work, one of the first priorities will be to carry out a “FMEA” (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) on one or more magnet designs proposed for ILC magnets. The link below will point you to a new section on FEMA studies. At present, it contains drawing files of a Fermilab conventional quadrupole magnet, 3Q120 (aka “QQB”), which is similar to a quadrupole design for the BDS.

FMEA Studies - "QQB"

Reference Design Report Section

Magnet Systems RDR

The Magnet Systems Group portion of the Reference Design Report has been completed and incorporated into the ILC Reference Design Report (ILC-REPORT-2007-01). The Magnet System section, Chapter 3, Section 1, can be viewed at the link below:

Magnet Systems RDR Section

Magnet Systems Group Presentations at Meetings

RDR Leaders Meetings

The RDR Magnet Systems Group presented its status report at the June 6, 2006 RDR Leaders meeting. The agenda for our portion of the meeting and copies of the presentation are available at the link below.

Magnet Systems Group Presentations at RDR Leaders Meeting (Video Conference)

GDE Meetings

LCFOA Meetings

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