ILC - International Linear Collider

There are two sources for the ML requirements:

1. 300 μm / 200 m. (We assume this is quad to quad) and 2 mm / km global. Source: (Chris Adolphson)

2. Following are the tolerances for the alignment of quadrupoles and cavities in the Main Linac Area. This information was obtained from Kiyoshi Kubo who is the group leader of the Accelerator Physics tech. group. They did some simulation on emittance growth as a function of alignment errors.

  • BPM Offset w.r.t. Cryomodule = 300 micron
  • Quad Offset w.r.t. Cryomodule = 300 micron
  • Quad Rotation = 300 μrad
  • Cavity Offset w.r.t. Cryomodule = 300 micron
  • Cryomodule Offset = 200 micron
  • Cavity Pitch w.r.t. Cryomodule = 300 μrad
  • Cryomodule Pitch = 20 μrad

Here, w.r.t. stands for “with respect to”, and these tolerances should be applied to the distance about 200m which corresponds to half of the betatron wave length.

Kiyoshi said there is no documentation yet on these tolerances but these values are common understanding among the people of Accelerator Physics tech. group.

- Ryuhei Sugahara, KEK

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